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CDB "Corall" operates the network of up-to date PC’s, peripheral and auxiliary facilities meeting the present day requirements and pro-viding access to Internet.

The Tribon licensed 3-D design system is used for designing various objects. Personnel train-ing carried out to use the PDS system which is currently implemented.

The REBIS Auto Plan 3-D design licensed sys-tem is used for designing objects of moderate complexity or separate fragments of installa-tions.

The licensed software packages such as ANSYS, COSMOS and LYRA are used for structural analysis of global and local strength of hull and other steelwork.

The licensed SESAM System is used for com-prehensive solution of wind/wave loading and strength analysis.

The licensed software packages such as Me-chanical desk Top, Inventor-5 and others are used to design various objects and machine-building products.

The AutoCad 2000 and 2002 software packages are used to produce graphical documents.

Corall experts developed in-house software packages providing computerization of design process and production of technical documenta-tion for various disciplines