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Jack-up rigs

CDB Corall started designing self-elevating drilling units (SEDU) in 1970. SEDUís for the Caspian Sea shelf (of Baky type) as designed by CDB Corall turned to be the first national drilling SEDUís. Two SEDUís of that type are successfully operating nowadays (one on the Black Sea shelf, the other on the Sea of Azov shelf).
Total of 12 SEDUís have been built per CDB design, including
ē 8 SEDUís to operate in the Caspian Sea,
ē 2 SEDUís (Project of Caspiy) to operate in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov,
ē 2 SEDUís (Kurilskaya and Murmanskaya) to operate in open water areas at up to 100 water depths.
Arcticheskaya floating SEDU for arctic seas is currently under construction. It is intended for drilling and production of oil/gas wells up to 6500 m deep with surface wellheads at sea water depths from 7 to 100 m