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Semi-submersible drilling rigs

CDB Corall started designing Semi-Submersible Drilling Units (SSDU) in 1977. After SEDU’s, design of SSDU’s became next step in the program of the continental shelf development. The first SSDU Shelf-1 was constructed in 1980 at the Astrakhan Shipyard, and commissioned in 1982 after having been successfully tested. Total of seven SSDU of that type have been constructed.

During development of SSDU Project, CDB Corall engineers solved a number of complicated and peculiar problems associated with shipbuilding and using of cargo handling and oil producing technology in offshore applications. SSDU’s were designed to operate at 60 m and 200 m water depths, and for drilling of wells up to 6000 m deep. The SSDU Project included 51 inventions, 24 of which were of CDB Corall.

CDB Corall is experienced in upgrading SSDU’s. Self-10 was upgraded in 1997. Later on re-named and now referred to as La Muralla, the unit is being used for drilling of oil/gas wells off the Gulf of Mexico at up to 500 m depths.

SSDU 6500/400 is the latest CDB Corall’s design intended for drilling of exploration and production wells in the Barents Sea, the Okhotsk Sea and the Bering Sea areas